• 20-APR-2016

Happy Birthday Purity Law for Beer - On April 23 Germany is celebrating the 500th anniversary.

On Saturday, 23 April, the 500th anniversary of the Germany Purity Law for beer will be celebrated. The recipe is world famous: „Hopfen und Malz - Gott erhalt's". That means: "Hops and malt - God should keep it forever." Add water and yeast - and that's what is needed for the purity law, the oldest, still valid food law of the world, which breweries on every continent take as the quality standard.

It is an extreme exception to celebrate regulations, as is the fact that rules survive five centuries. The fact that both comes together is unique. And unique is also the Purity Law for Beer, a German institution

The purity law for beer was issued on April 23, 1516 in the Bavarian city of Ingolstadt by the Dukes Wilhelm IV. and Ludwig X as part of a national regulatory. Although much has changed in the brewing technology in the meantime - even today all German breweries are brewing with the four natural ingredients exclusively.

Also, most modern beer styles, including many craft beers are brewed according to the purity law for beer - without artificial additives and dyes, artificial flavorings and enzymes. This world-wide respected brewing art that has created a unique variety of beers from 5500 brands in Germany, requires a high level of knowledge and precision.


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