ANUGA 2015 - Geschnittener Beitrag in Englisch / Edited Piece




10 Oct 2015


Koeln, Germany

Beitrag ANUGA 2015 - Englisch / Edited Piece
Beitrag ANUGA 2015 - Englisch / Edited Piece

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00:00 "Tell me what you eat and I'll tell you who you are" could be the slogan for the 33rd Anuga in Cologne.

From algae drinks through bizarre ("Schüttelkuchen") cakes to Japanese Kobe beef, there are no limits to individual needs when it comes to food.

00:18 Vox Pops:
“I always look on the rear of the pack or whatever it is, where it comes from. I make a point of that.”
“I'd say pleasure is synonymous with quality. I find healthy eating important because the quality of food should always be right and it's simply important to ensure that is the case.”
“I think healthy eating is extremely important. Even better if it's sustainable, to ensure we look after our planet a bit more.”
00:46 Nutrition is a reflection of society. People's lifestyle can be individual and one's personal approach to nutrition can have a high level of sophistication.
The food industry reacts rapidly and thus all kinds of exotic and sometimes surprising products find their way into our shops.

01:04 IV: Christoph Minhoff, CEO German Food Industry Confederation:

“170,000 products are on the market and we see that consumers have great power. Ultimately they decide what ends up on the shelves.
We have the mega trend vegan vegetarian, we have Paleo, another major trend, bio remains popular and regional is another trend. And convenience, to be able to shop with ease, that is of great importance for people.”
01:28 At the world's biggest food trade fair, Anuga in Cologne, in its record year, over 7,000 exhibitors from 100 countries show how tomorrow's world will subsist.
The popularity of vegan products remains unbroken. And even the vegan's desire for curried sausage does not remain unfulfilled.
01:48 IV: Manoj Jain, General Manager Vepura GmbH:
“We realize that basically, young people, they have come to know how the production of the meat is done. Which has made them conscious about going for the vegatarian, vegan trends.”
02:01 In general, the trend is towards more quality. Sustainability and healthiness are a must. International variety plays an ever more important role and despite the crisis, Greece, the Anuga associate country this year, is showing that it is one of the top ten exhibiting nations.
02:19 IV: Evangelos Apostolou, Greek Minister for Agricultural Development:
“Our main aims are firstly to successfully conclude the troika's inspection and then begin expanding. We need to make Greek products competitive, so that they don't only meet Greece's needs but also hold their own on the international market.”
02:41 Fans of animal foodstuffs are also more demanding. Consumers look ever more closely and tastes can be exclusive, too. Those who can afford it go for Kobe Wagyu beef, at several hundred Euro per kilo.
02:57 IV: Frank Albers, trade visitor

“The fact is: people are eating less and less meat. If you look at the statistics, meat consumption is dropping but the quality is clearly rising. People simply want to know what they are eating and they want the best quality possible.”

03:12 Healthy nutrition is no longer the contradiction to sinful indulgence that it once was. With the right mix, these goodies will continue to be enjoyed in the future.
03:22 END
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